€ 150,000 In The Mission Patrimoine Scratch Card

We are going to tell you the nice little story, which takes place in the English Channel, on the side of our dear French neighbors, of this lucky player who pockets 150,000 euros in the “Mission Patrimoine” scratch card. But we will also tell you about this strange story, still around this game, of this tobacconist from Valence-sur-Baïse who is already boycotting the operation and therefore refuses to sell tickets for this game officially organized for the renovation and rehabilitation of French monuments in danger.

It is Thursday, September 6, 2018, and a client is starting her return to school quite well. She has indeed won a sum of € 150,000 in the brand new scratch card which is a huge success in France: “Heritage Mission”, orchestrated and sponsored by Stéphane Bern. In fact, she signs here the first of four lots of this amount recorded since the launch of the operation. We know, for example, that the ticket was withdrawn at the Le Havre bar-tabac in Saint-Hilaire-du-Harcouët, which is therefore located in the south of the Channel.

A Nice Prize Pool For The Start Of The School Year

Nathalie Alleaume, the manager of the establishment, tells us that it is a mother of around fifty, living in the area, who won this fabulous gain of € 150,000.

This game is very recent and was indeed launched on Monday September 3rd. Brand new, this game did not yet attract many people if we judge the statements of tobacconists in the town. Until this lucky girl wins such a sum and therefore does at the same time a pretty good publicity to the scratch ticket. The person in charge of the establishment then explains in the media that this regular of the place then presented itself in tears, under the effect of emotion, because she still could not believe it. Very good news for this woman who will therefore have to go to the Rennes payment center very soon to withdraw this wonderful gain. An opportunity for the tobacconist to also give him a check on this occasion. This is a situation that allows him, among other things, to benefit from an excellent publicity stunt for his business and he will not wait long before posting the good news of this winner on the storefront. It is a pretty good sum which greatly surpasses the 20 000 € scooped by another lucky customer who had attacked this time at a Solitaire.

A Gain Beneficial To All

It is true that it is interesting to note that, in general, this gain of 150,000 euros makes it possible to boost the game throughout the territory. Nathalie Alleaume confirms this by explaining for example that the effect is already immediate, and that consumers therefore quickly rushed to her counter to buy their ticket and apply for the dream. Success such as this will lead to a stock shortage. But the virus has also spread to the neighborhood and it will then be the same observation at the Khedive counter in Saint-Hilaire. We learn, for example, that the manager, Christelle Lebigot, had to request a special delivery of 20 to 25 additional tickets to meet the exponential demand. We therefore know that ten cardboard sesames were delivered at the beginning of September in this bar-tobacco.

A Small Downside

There is a downside to this story, however. Indeed, the players believe that the sum dedicated to the foundation of heritage remains however far too low compared to the rather high cost of the ticket at tobacconists. It must be said that they are not necessarily wrong since of the € 15, only € 1.52 is donated to the renovation of monuments in danger. This is one of the reasons why some tobacconists, as you will see in the second part of our article, refuse to sell these tickets.

This feeling has really been shared since the beginning of the month by most tobacconists, some of whom do not hesitate to boycott the game and to let it be known openly. Moreover, retailers and traders do not hide their anger. They believe that the operation hides a reality other than this laudable safeguard of heritage. However, we know that the foundation has already selected 270 files. Among them, we find 18 emblematic sites which will therefore be financed by the income obtained by this lotto and the scratch game. With regard to the Channel, it is the Château de Carneville which was therefore selected and which will benefit from these payments.

€ 150,000 In The Mission Patrimoine Scratch Card

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