100 Players Arrested For Playing Illegally In Russia

The news is causing a stir this week in the gaming world and more particularly on the side of the casinos. Indeed, 100 people were arrested for having played illegally in Russia. We have taken our investigation further on Roulette.be to reveal much more about this interesting case on the dark side of the game.

And since we are on the dark side of the game, we will unveil in the second part another brand new case that is also talking about it at the beginning of the week, namely that around a few people who, with their accomplice who is other than the dealer, were caught cheating on a baccarat table in Maryland.

Russian Investigative Committee Attacks

“Investigate Committee of Russia” (ICR), which can be translated as “the Russian investigative committee” carried out a pretty good net this week by putting a hundred people in detention for having organized and founded a vast totally illegal gambling network in Moscow. It took a long period of investigation to arrive at this result which we are now going to show you.

A Long Investigation

As we have just announced to you, this network of underground casinos was therefore dismantled by the Russian authorities after a very long period of investigation. We are not talking about months here, but several years. To achieve this result, investigators had to search all over the country and above all search more than 80 homes and professional establishments.

But you should also know that one name in particular stands out in this file. Indeed, among the 100 people arrested, we find a famous leader in Russian crime. It is in fact of A. Bazhanov, very well known on the Russian continent and especially in the middle of the organized crime.

The ICR was the main actor in this operation, but was also in association with other important institutions and organizations dedicated to fighting crime in Russia. These organizations have therefore come together intelligently to coordinate and above all carry out the operation, which is therefore seeing the mobilization of these large organizations bear fruit this month.

Perfect Organization

If the organization was perfect on the side of the investigators, it was not less so on the side of the offenders who, in a concrete way, had quite simply created a network of 15 casinos soaked in the scheme. Casinos that were well run and that took advantage of a very sophisticated installation. A proof here that the 100 people involved were real intellectuals, because it was necessary to be rather judicious to be able to found and manage these 15 casinos in the shadows. Establishments that the great investigators of Russia have indeed had a little difficulty in discovering. And to do so, the criminals simply founded this illegal organization through a bookmaker, which is legal, because they themselves created it in accordance with the legislation in force.

If all the members of these casinos, without exception, all live in luxury, it is simply because these casinos are raising millions per month. An ease caused by the fact that this activity was totally illegal, and that the organization which was steeped in its operations therefore obviously did not pay taxes. This is the main reason that places its members in a privileged place and allows them to enjoy a fairly good and comfortable pace of life.

It must be said that the activities were very well organized and that each member therefore fulfilled his own functions in a correct and structured manner. When we analyze its functioning, we have the impression of finding ourselves in a society where the members operate in accordance with a strict hierarchy and where we can easily detect a separation of functions and roles to be played. Some who work in these casinos use high-tech devices to conceal their activities, which has greatly slowed the investigations of investigators who can however, to this day, be satisfied with their work. They have just justified their pay by having succeeded in dismantling an organization founded by real professionals.

100 Players Arrested For Playing Illegally In Russia

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